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Registration on

September 20th, 2019

Meeting on

September 21-22nd, 2019

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August 1th , 2019

Contact Information

Please register by returning the completed registration form (Appendix 1)  to Huile Gao

( for confirmation or register online on the website of the conference.

AYISPST 2019 English first version v3(1).docx
Appendix 1. Registration form for AYISPST 2019.docx
Appendix 2. Template for abstract preparation Fu.docx
Appendix 3. Model abstract Fu.docx
Call for abstracts
Template and Model for Abstract Preparation
Online Papper Submission
Call for abstracts

You are cordially invited to present yourmost recent and exciting research by submitting an abstract online on thewebsite ( 1th August 2019.

Ÿ  Thesubmitted abstract must be an original work that has not been published previously.

Ÿ  Only highquality scientific papers with significant innovations will be accepted.

Ÿ  Abstractsmust be written in clear English and your abstracts must be edited andproof-read before submission.

Ÿ  Abstractsshould be prepared according to the Template (available in appendix 2) and amaximum of 2 pages in lengthas demonstrated in the modelabstract(amaximum of 4 pages for invited presentations and a maximum of 2pages for general presentations) (available in appendix 3).

Ÿ  WORD file isacceptable.

Ÿ  Acknowledgmentof submission will be emailed to the author as soon as possible. If no responseis received, please feel free to contact Dr. Huile Gao by e-mail to

Ÿ  Thesubmitted podium abstracts will be peer-reviewed and edited by the scientificcommittee.

Template and Model for Abstract Preparation

Appendix 2. Template for abstract preparation2-1
Appendix 2. Template for abstract preparation2-2
Appendix 3. Model abstract2-1
Appendix 3. Model abstract2-2
Online Papper Submission
Online Papper Submission Closed