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2019 1st AsianYoung Investigator Symposium on

PharmaceuticalScience and Technology & the 1st Young Editorial BoardConference of the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

We are pleased to announce that the 1st Asian YoungInvestigator Symposium on Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (AYISPST 2019) &the 1st Young Editorial Board Conference of the Asian Journal ofPharmaceutical Sciences (AJPS) will be held during September 20-22, 2019in Chengdu, China. We are very pleased to invite top scientists and younginvestigators from around the world in the fields of industrial pharmacy,physical pharmacy, micromeritics, biopharmaceutics, novel drug delivery systems,formulation technology and pharmaceutical excipients to present their mostrecent research achievements and share their cutting-edge views onpharmaceutical sciences. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity forpeople who work in pharmaceutical science and technology in Asia to network andshowcase their research in podium and poster presentations as well as through atrade exhibition. We warmly invite you to participate in AYISPST 2019 and welook forward to welcoming you in Chengdu in September 2019.

Asian Journal ofPharmaceutical Sciences (AJPS, ISSN 1818-0876), is a bimonthly English journal andthe official journal of Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (AFPS),which publishes reviews, full research articles and short communications in allareas of pharmaceutics. The journal was founded by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and published by Elsevier B.V. with no page charge. On Oct26th 2007 when AFPS was founded, AJPS was designated as the officialjournal of AFPS by the chairman of AFPS, Prof. Tsuneji Nagai. To date, with thegreat efforts from editorial board members and worldwide pharmaceuticalscientists, AJPS has successfully published 14 volumes (one volume per year)since 2006 and the topics has covered all relevant areas of pharmaceuticalsciences. More importantly, dramatic breakthroughs have been achieved recently:AJPS has been selected for coverage starting with volume 10 (1) 2015 in theClarivate Analytics products: Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE). AJPS isthe first journal in Pharmaceuticsindexed by SCIE in China. The impact factor of AJPS in 2018 is 4.56.

With theachievements of AJPS in 2018, we intend to expand the impact of AJPS and to attractmore attentions with the efforts of international and domestic pharmaceuticalscientists. The relevant topics include:

1. Time: Registration, September 20th, 2019; meetings,September 21-22nd, 2019.

2. Venue: Xiangyu Hotel,Chengdu

Theme: Advanced Drug Delivery Systems and New PharmaceuticalEngineering Technology

Main topics

Ÿ   Novel drug delivery systems

Ÿ   Strategies for increasing the oralbioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs and/or less permeable drugs

Ÿ   Application of pharmaceutical excipients inthe development of novel dosage forms and generic drug products

Ÿ   The technology and equipment for particleengineering

Ÿ   Development and application of manufacturingequipment

Ÿ   Strategies for improving the quality ofgeneric drug products

Ÿ   Hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical formulations

4. Presentation

Ÿ   You canchoose to present your work or your products in the form of podium presentations, poster presentations or exhibitions (Please state your preference clearly onthe registration form)

Ÿ   Languages:English or Chinese

5. Call for abstracts

You are cordiallyinvited to present your most recent and exciting research by submitting anabstract online on the website (www.aspst.net)before 1thAugust 2019.

Ÿ   Thesubmitted abstract must be an original work that has not been publishedpreviously.

Ÿ   Only highquality scientific papers with significant innovations will be accepted.

Ÿ   Abstractsmust be written in clear English and your abstracts must be edited andproof-read before submission.

Ÿ   Abstractsshould be prepared according to the Template (available in appendix 2) and amaximum of 2 pages in lengthas demonstrated in themodelabstract(amaximum of 4 pages for invited presentations and a maximum of 2pages for general presentations) (available in appendix 3).

Ÿ   WORD file isacceptable.

Ÿ   Acknowledgmentof submission will be emailed to the author as soon as possible. If no responseis received, please feel free to contact Dr. Huile Gao by e-mail to scupharmaceutics @163.com.

Ÿ   Thesubmitted podium abstracts will be peer-reviewed and edited by the scientificcommittee.

6. Registration fee

Before 1st   September

After 1st September

Delegate from Mainland   China

600 CNY

800 CNY

Student from Mainland   China**

400 CNY

600 CNY

Delegate from Foreign   Countries

100   USD

150   USD

Student from Foreign   Countries

70   USD

100   USD

Note:accommodation and breakfast arenot included.

7. Conference sponsorship and advertising

Ÿ   Instrumentand equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and excipientsmanufacturers are welcome to sponsor this symposium. Please contact Dr. HuileGao, email: scupharmaceutics@163.com.

8. Registration

Please register onlineat www.aspst.net.

9. Organization

Sponsors: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University;West China School ofPharmacy, Sichuan University; Editorial Board of AJPS

Organizers: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University; West China School ofPharmacy, Sichuan University

Organizing committee:    Prof. Tsuneji Nagai(Honorary Chair)

                             TheNagai Foundation Tokyo

Prof. Zhonggui He

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China

Prof. Hirofumi Takeuchi       

GifuPharmaceutical University, Japan

            Prof. Paul W.S. HENG

National University of Singapore

Prof. Zhirong Zhang

Sichuan University, China

Prof. YuanHuang

Sichuan University, China

And allmembers of editorial board of AJPS

Contact information: Huile Gao: +86-187-8028-8069; email: scupharmaceutics@163.com.

10. Directions to XiangyuHotel

Ad: No. 103 Xinnan Rd, Wuhou District,Chengdu, 610041 China.

Tel: +86-28-85551111

11. Payment information

By Bank Transfer   

BANK: Agricultural Bank of China Limited Sha He Bao Sub-branch

ADDRESS: No. 615-627 Shahepu Street Jinjiang area Chengdu Sichuan province

BENEFICIARY: Chengdu XuJie Culture Communication Co. Ltd. (P.S. TheAYISPST 2019)

ACCOUNT NO.: 22835001040006560

Appendix1: Registration form for AYISPST 2019

Appendix 2: Templatefor abstract preparation

Appendix 3: Modelabstract

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University;

West ChinaSchool of Pharmacy, Sichuan University

               The editorial department ofAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences